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4-hole waterproof spherical flange bearings


4-hole flange bearings with FLEXIBILITY: The construction permits an off setting of the bearing, of up to +/- 3°.

NG corrosion safe pillow block bearings and flange bearings, are especially suitable in wet environments:
  • A lot of flange bearings are used in wet and demanding environments, and it is in these that the corrosion safe bearing is an economical alternative to the traditional bearing, which is quickly worn down by rust following the penetration of water. At the same time it suits the needs of the food industry, where hygiene in the production process is very important.
  • The maintenance free bearings are increasingly used in industrial production, and it is wise to direct your attention to the NG bearings, where no compromises are made regarding the quality.
  • All NG F2, F4, S2 and SF2 bearings are made with stainless spherical radial insert bearings, for an easy and precise assembly.
  • Compact, strong flange housing, cover bolted to the bearings housing.
  • Made of Dupolit, which is of extreme stability and impact strength.
  • Resistant to all cleaning products, and to most chemicals, unique products which are very easy to clean.
  • Rounded corner and smooth surfaces and even at the backside.
  • Especially suitable in moist, and wet environment.
  • Extremely suitable in production equipment for the food industry.
  • The ball bearing requires no maintenance.
  • Oil seals with a stainless steel spring, on the shaft passage.
  • Measure is just the same as other flange bearings on the market.
  • Heat resistant from -30° to +100° C.
  • Stainless steel grease nipple for optimal food grade grease filling, preventing condensation in the bearing house.
  • Flange housing is tested by Danish Technological Institute.
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